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The key to ideal care

The 1972 Desa garments are carefully processed from natural materials to accompany you in a variety of circumstances. Here are some tips to maintain your leather garments and preserve them for many years.

An appropriate storage

The first thing to do in order to take care of your 1972 Desa  garment is to store it properly while you are not using it. Whether it is hung on a hanger or placed in its cotton dust bag, consider storing your garment in a place away from light and moisture. For an ideal care of the bags, fill it with silk paper or newspaper to avoid its deformation.

A beautiful leather is a leather that has aged well

Long-term care

Leather is a noble and living material with wrinkles and scars that reveal a unique identity. The motto is: less is often more!Indeed, leather is already processed to deal with inclement weather. You just need to waterproof your garment once or twice a year to maintain and ensure its resistance. You can also apply a colorless and nourishing cream to remove a stain and/or revive your garment made from fine nappa (not suede) or use a white eraser for the most delicate leathers such as suede and lamb skins. Leather is a natural material that evolves and changes over time. This feature gives the garment its authenticity, its signature and its singularity. 1972Desa  carefully selects the skins to always find top quality leather. All products are processed to ensure their shelf life and ensure a natural and durable finish.  


Our Suede Leather is a soft, delicate leather with a velvet like finish. Darker and vibrantly colored suedes may stain lighter colored clothing and other materials if placed in close contact.  To prolong the life of your suede leather product, we recommend pre-treating the leather with a suede protectant and avoiding exposure to water or other liquids.  We also recommend occasionally treating the leather with a suede brush, which can help smooth any marks or indentations on the surface. 


Our lambskin is an ultra-smooth, buttery leather with a polished finishing. Lambskin is recognized for both its soft texture and longevity. This material is prone to occasional scratching if not handled with proper care. We recommend treating your piece with a leather conditioner to keep it hydrated. Avoid exposure to abrasive surfaces and always take care to store the item in its dust bag. For lighter colors, we also recommend avoiding exposure to dark denim or other dark fabrics with loose dye, as the leather could be subject to transfer or stains. In case your leather item gets wet, shake the item and then hang it up to dry naturally. Do not subject it to any source of heat until it is completely dry. 


Our lamb shearling features a plush shearling wool exterior with a suede or nappa finish interior. This material provides superior natural insulation.

Please note that since is a natural, each item is unique are therefore variation in tones and colors may vary from the images found of the products on our website.

In order to clean any fur product please seek the service of a professional fur cleaner only. However, from time to time you should hang your product in a location where it is sure to get some fresh air as natural materials such as fur needs to breathe.

Avoid exposing your items in direct sunlight for an extended period of time as this can damage the fur.

If an item with fur gets wet, shake the item and then hang it up to dry in a dry location. Do not try to heat your item as this will damage the fur. Once the fur has dried simply shake the item or brush it lightly with your hands.