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NINETEENSEVENTYTWO DESA is a brand born in 1972 from an intuition of the historical design and manufacture workshops of the Celet family, leader in design and creation of leather and leather products. Utilizing the unique strength of its integrated manufacturing facilities from tannery to manufacturing of finished goods and combining this strength with the creative vision of its design team, NINETEENSEVENTYTWO DESA, the luxury leather and fur apparel, handbag and accessories brand was born. 


NINETEENSEVENTYTWO DESA is characterized by the unique blend of tradition, craftmanship and innovation. Every aspect of this brand is conceived to highlight understated and timeless luxury. The NINETEENSEVENTYTWO DESA is created to be carried by the true connoisseurs of unique and fine aspects of life. 

The NINETEENSEVENTYTWO Lady – Confident, Modern and Timeless

The NINETEENSEVENTYTWO Lady recognizes and enjoys creativity, quality and craftsmanship. She does not allow herself to be defined by the trends, by popular brands or by any other person. She is an enigma, effortlessly achieving to be modern and timeless at the same time. She is the definition of understated luxury. 


Today, NINETEENSEVENTYTWO DESA is carried by the best boutiques in Italy and across the World, meeting the true connoisseurs of luxury. The collection is presented two times a year in Paris and every season during the Fashion Weeks in Milan.